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Barbara Jean
Welcomes You

My Dance With Life

My Dance with the Universe began with an epiphany moment. A mystical moment which awakened me to a new way of living. My journey through five marriages, and a variety of powerful and painful moments, (ie domestic abuse, sexual assault, poverty and on and on) has resulted in my resilience, my strength, wisdom, love and joy. My favourite saying today is, "It is what it is!" Living that way has brought me to a new understanding of life. So, I accept that what is cannot be changed. However, how I deal with what is can change. I decided that I would take life as it comes, experience all of it as it is, and choose to see the value in every moment. I believe life is meant to be experienced, and oh have I experienced it! The thing is that all of it has brought me to today, this moment, this beautiful and fulfilling moment in my life and I am grateful. It took all of it for me to be where I am right now.


This is my Truth:

I believe we are all unique and special, we are all dancing to our own rhythm creating interest, depth, and beauty. Life is meant to be experienced and I am in it 100%. Won't you join me on this remarkable journey?

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Regardless of the difficulties you may be facing Barbara Jean is an accepting, compassionate listener who offers creative solutions to life's challenges. As a coach she provides tools to assist you in accomplishing your goals. Are you ready to realize your dreams? Book your complimentary session now.

Weddings officiant
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Memorial Service Officinant

When a loved one dies it is important to Celebrate their Life. Barbara Jean creates ceremonies that are designed to reflect their life and your place in it. It is a remarkable and healing experience for all who attend.

A Living Wake creates a celebration for your loved one prior to their passing. This ceremony is truly glorious. Speaking with friends and family, telling stories, laughing and crying  together. Barbara Jean provides a warm and welcoming environment for everyone to feel the love and the grief for the impending loss of your special person. The ceremony provides comfort, love and joy to you and your loved one.

As a professional speaker Barbara Jean talks about life in an honest and humorous way.  She shares her personal mishaps, errors in judgment, screw ups and the remarkable healing she achieved as she began to live a journey of exploration. Taking responsibility for her journey she began to heal from past trauma,  Her stories weave together a life - rich and powerful - a journey similar to the journey we are all walking.

Life is constantly changing, for all of us, and as we engage in the journey of living we may appreciate the support of someone who is still walking the path, navigating the bumps in the road, and living in joy.

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Spirit Café Show,
Courageous Conversations for Changing Times

Every Wednesday at 4pm ET Barbara Jean and Cheryl Rodgers interview fascinating people about life on earth and all the interesting challenges we live through day by day. No topic is off limits and we speak from the heart and welcome difficult conversations. 

If you have a topic you would like us to discuss send a note to:

The JOY Show
JOY is an acronym for Just One You

Barbara Jean interviews amazing people every Friday at 3pm ET about their lives and the many ways that have come to love and accept themselves on this journey called life. With a firm belief that all people are created unique and special her show illustrates the diversity of life and the many ways people can choose to be happy with who they are.


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